How Much Should You Spend on Headphones?

It’s likely you’re wondering how much to spend on good-quality headphones if you’re searching for them. Can you really tell the difference between $50 and $200 headphones? Quality does differ by price, and you get what you pay for.

Technology has evolved since the day I bought my first headphones, and there are more factors to take into account now than ever before. Taking a closer look at how much headphones should cost, we will determine how much you need to spend.

How is a headphone’s price determined?

The price of headphones is influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  1. Style: Does it have an on-ear or over-ear design?
  2. Today, most headphones come with a Bluetooth or wireless connection. It is still possible to find headphones that are wired, however. The audio quality of Bluetooth audio can also be affected by the type of codec you use.
  3. Is the headset noise-canceling? How much noise reduction can you control if they do?
  4. If a part of a headphone is damaged, you can replace it.
  5. The quality of low-budget headphones is usually compromised by mass production and minimum quality testing. To maintain consistency, high-end headphones undergo thorough testing and meticulous craftsmanship.
  6. Water and particle resistance are determined by the IP rating of the headphones. Consider IPX7 or IP65-rated headphones if you’re looking for headphones you can wear while working out.
  7. What technology is supported by your headphones? Are they compatible with voice assistants, 3D, or Atmos sound? It is possible that they will cost more than standard products if they do.
  8. Prices of headphones sold by reputable brands tend to be higher than those by less recognizable brands.
  9. Parts of the original equipment manufacturer determine the price of headphones. Planar magnetic drives, for example, are more efficient than dynamic drives in most high-end headphones.
  10. It is common for headphones to be more expensive if they come with a longer warranty.

What Should You Expect When Spending On Headphones?

You should be aware of what each price range of headphones has to offer before you purchase one.

Entry Level ($100 and Below)

Some of the cheapest options are less than $50, and there are plenty of decent headphones in this price range. While $50 or fewer headphones will work, they don’t come with many features that will enhance your listening experience. Also, most headphones sold for $50 or less do not come from reputable brands, which means they need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

A $50-100 difference in price will result in a small improvement in the quality of the headphones. A microphone, Bluetooth, and noise cancellation are some of the basic features you’ll find. Sony MDR7506 headphones are among the most popular and critically-acclaimed in this category. Under $100 is also a reasonable price for wireless gaming headsets.

Mid-Range Options ($100-$200)

A headset sold for less than $100 will not be as well-specialized. The headphones will be equipped with Bluetooth capability and enhanced noise isolation. The better-quality drivers used in most $100-200 headphones deliver high-quality audio with less distortion. This price bracket includes some budget planar magnetic headphones as well.

Despite the improvement over cheaper headphones, you won’t find many audiophile-friendly options in this price range. For studio recording and tracking, there are decent options available.

Audiophile Entry Level ($200-$300)

Where the magic happens is between $200 and $300. Audiophiles can find entry-level headphones with longer warranties from reputable brands in this price range. Noise reduction is more precise, and the sound is more balanced.

Audiophile Sweet Spot ($300-$500)

Audiophiles usually fall into this category. Audiophiles are spoilt for choice when it comes to headsets that are perfect for music, gaming, and movies.

When compared to cheaper headphones under $200, there is a huge difference in sound quality. Compared to cheaper headphones, you can hear the smallest audio details that you might not notice with 3D surround sound.

Premium Options (Above $500)

Professional musicians and sound engineers often purchase headphones that cost more than $500. Most sound enthusiasts, however, purchase headsets between $500 and $1,000 for their favorite listening experience.

Your Headphones Budget Depends on What Sound You Want

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Determine what kind of sound you’re looking for before buying new headphones. You can choose any headphones that cost less than $100 if you are okay with basic sound quality. However, you have to compromise on durability if you want to save money.

Choosing a mid-range option between $100 and $200 will give you good sound quality with a few extra features to boost your experience just a bit. A headset that costs between $200 and $500 is the best choice for those looking for the best headphones.

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