Interior doors are an important part of the interior. Doors place accents, add completeness, harmonize with the situation. Today there are many types of interior doors: by style, materials, construction. In this article, we will analyze what characteristics to look for when choosing a door.

What is important when choosing a door?

First, we determine which parameters of interior Nxt-gen doors are important:

1. Design and style

Interior doors are part of the interior, so we put the exterior in the first place. The design of the door consists of several points:

  • The texture of the finish is smooth, rough, matte, glossy, “wood-like”, “concrete-like”
  • Coating color – light doors are most popular, then dark, color options are less in demand (red, blue, green)
  • Drawing – geometric lines, classic patterns, no pattern, floral motifs, various combinations of glass inserts
  • Hidden doors – doors that completely merge with the wall and are not immediately visible in the interior
  • Doors to the ceiling – a classic version of the front door – about 2000 mm, that is, there is a distance to the ceiling, an interesting modern version is a wall-high door.

2. Cost

This criterion is always important. Many manufacturers have discounts for the purchase of several doors, so you can buy high-quality beautiful doors at a bargain price. Always be aware of current promotions.

3. Quality and reliability

Everyone wants the door to serve for a long time and without problems: the locks worked properly, the fittings did not fade or scratch, the door did not lose its original appearance.

4. Noise isolation, light and odor transmission

For many, it is important that the door does not let noise into the room and does not let it out. This is especially important in the bedroom and children’s rooms.

Great light transmission suitable for kitchens and living rooms. Low needed in bedrooms.

Keeping odors out is the right quality for an interior door for the kitchen and bathroom.

5. Moisture resistance

The interior door for the bathroom must withstand constant exposure to moisture: do not swell, do not lose its original appearance and geometry.

6. Opening method

Most buyers choose classic swing doors – this is a proven option and the most inexpensive of all modern door design.

However, today the market offers a variety of interior doors. Types of interior doors:

  • Classic swing doors – open on themselves or on themselves. They are bifold. Pros – affordable price, easy installation, versatility. Cons – unoriginal.
  • Sliding – move along the wall on a roller mechanism. Plus it saves space. The main disadvantage is low isolation from noise and odors.

Roto-doors are doors that, when opened, rotate in the opening. Pluses in convenience, unusualness, saving space. Cons – high price, low sound insulation, since the canvas does not fit snugly.

We select the door to the interior

There are several techniques that interior designers use:

1. Choose interior doors that will be in harmony with the general style of the room and walls.

For example, you have an interior in light beige shades and you choose a beige door. Standard operating scheme.

2. Create contrast and make the door an accent.

Pick up a white door to the dark walls. So the interior becomes more bold and voluminous. At the same time, it is better to add interior details also in white so that the door does not look alien.

3. Uniform style.

If you have the same style throughout your apartment, then it is best to install doors with the same design or at least matching with each other. This is especially important if you can see doors to several rooms at once from one room. For example, from the living room. Here the doors become a connecting element of the interior.

For a complete combination, you can even choose an entrance and interior door with the same finishes.

4. Add light.

In rooms where a large amount of light is appropriate, you can put doors with glass. Now manufacturers offer various design options. Glass inserts can be in the entire canvas or vice versa in small elements. These doors are great for living rooms. In the bedroom, as a rule, they choose doors with a “deaf” canvas without inserts.

5. Stylish high-tech and timeless classics.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Today, eclecticism is popular in interiors, that is, a combination of different styles and elements in one space. Classic, modern, scandi, loft. If you want to diversify the interior at the expense of doors, take a closer look at unusual options.

Our interior door brand BAFA has a minimalist collection. Clear geometric lines, metal moldings, stylish glass inserts, concrete look finishes and more.

So which opening method should you choose?

If you want to buy an unusual door that will attract attention, then you can choose various non-standard opening methods. For example, a roto door.

If there is little space in the room and it is very important to save every centimeter, sliding doors and book doors are suitable.

However, if there are no special conditions, and you do not want to spend a large amount on the purchase of doors, stop at the classic swing doors. It is convenient and reliable.

Interior door material

All modern interior doors can be divided into two types:

  • 100% natural solid wood
  • Combined from a combination of different materials: chipboard, MDF, veneer, plywood, PVC.

Solid wood doors

The most popular options are pine – this is an inexpensive option. However, there are disadvantages: pine is a soft material and does not withstand mechanical stress. To make the surface of a pine door more solid, it is covered with enamel.

Doors made of solid oak, ash, beech are durable and strong, but at the same time they are expensive.

Cons of solid wood doors

  • Such doors are heavy and over time the hinges begin to sag.
  • The tree does not resist moisture well, therefore it is not suitable for installation in the bathroom
  • High price.

Composite doors

Veneered doors

Such doors have an array and MDF inside, and a natural array (veneer) on the outside.

Benefits: Cheaper than 100% solid, looks very much like real wood. The veneer is glued to the array so that no seams are visible.

Cons: the cost is still rather big, natural veneer does not resist moisture well.

Film doors

Most doors are now made with films. MDF panel inside the door. This is necessary to reduce the cost of construction. Films are different:


Imitates natural veneer and woodgrain finishes. Even to the touch, the film resembles a tree, has a relief and wood fibers. Eco-veneer is made from three-layer safe plastic.

Drawer panels

The most common type of doors with eco-veneer. Doors with tsargovy panels have a prefabricated structure. A solid frame is located along the perimeter, and inside it are horizontal and vertical slats (tsargs). The drawers are glued with eco-veneer without edges and seams.

This is a durable and comfortable design. If one bar is damaged, you can only replace it.

A good option for those who want a wooden door but are not ready to pay for an array. At the same time, plastic eco-veneer is moisture resistant and suitable for installation in the bathroom.

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