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How to find the best recruitment agency?

So, you’ve identified that your organisation requires an additional set of skills to help with a specific project, to facilitate growth or to solve a problem – none of your existing team members have the capacity to upskill or to take on additional tasks. In short, you need to hire a new employee, but you don’t have the internal resources to facilitate this crucial talent acquisition process. 

At this stage in the hiring process, you will probably be thinking about eliciting the expert services of a recruitment agency China.  What type of recruitment support you need will depend on your individual situation. With so many options available to you, how can you be sure you’re making the right decision and choosing the best recruitment company that will help you hire the right talent?

How do recruitment agencies work?

It’s easiest to think of a recruitment agency as the go between for you (a hiring organisation) and your next employee (a job seeker).

A recruitment agency’s purpose is to find the right candidate for your company, as fast as possible. Most agencies are able to do this because they have built deep networks of highly qualified professionals in the respective industries they cover.

Recruitment agencies are often fully equipped with the best tools (which they pay a premium to use), know what tempts passive job seekers to apply for roles, and have existing networks of professionals in your industry.

Once they have found you a new team member and you successfully hire them, you will pay a fee. That amount will equate to an already-set percentage of the employee’s salary (but it’s not deducted from the person’s salary, that figure is just used to calculate the cost).

How to choose the right recruitment agency for you?

Working with a recruitment agency will give you an external perspective on not only your potential new employees, but your hiring process as a whole – this places more of a focus on the candidate experience, which is incredibly important at the moment.

The agency that you decide to partner with will depend on the area you are trying to hire a professional for. Different recruitment agencies specialise in different professions, and will therefore have whole teams who specialise in specific industries.

This means they have extensive networks, know what to look out for in your ideal candidate’s profile, and understand exactly what motivates professionals in that area. 

What are the types of recruitment agencies?

There are a number of different options that you can choose from in terms of type of agency. Which you go for will depend entirely on the specific requirement you have for any recruitment project.

  • For permanent hires, a contingent recruitment agency will be the best choice
  • For highly skilled contractor hires, a contract recruitment agency is best
  • For senior hires, you should seek the help of an executive search agency
  • For short-term hires then your choice should be a staffing recruitment agency
  • For large-scale recruitment projects of numerous people, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the most efficient approach

Do you need to use a recruitment agency if you have an internal team?

Internal talent acquisition teams are great as they are working with the organisation every day and can offer an unrivalled understanding of who will be the best fit for an opening. But whilst internal TA can initially seem like a more affordable alternative compared to partnering with a recruitment agency, it can often end up having more costs associated with it that weren’t originally accounted for. 

Many organisations traditionally assign this responsibility to their HR department. But if that employee (or department) already has a long list of tasks, asking them to conduct ‘talent research’ could negatively impact their other responsibilities.

What is recruitment exclusivity?

The key is in the name. Recruitment exclusivity is when there is only one agency working on a hiring project for a client. 

In many instances, a hiring organisation will work with more than one recruitment agency in the hope of finding their new employee as quickly as possible. It sounds logical but often is not the best approach as it can result in the recruiters rushing to try and be the first to deliver you candidates in the hope of one getting hired and then they get paid.

Working exclusively with one agency means that they will focus solely on finding the right people to match your requirements and not worry about competing against the other agencies involved – don’t worry, they’ll still deliver on time!

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