My Victony Extender is Connected but Giving No Internet! Why?

“My Victony extender is connected but giving me no internet access. I am really worried why this happened? Have I done something wrong? Do I have to perform Victony WiFi extender reset for getting the issue fixed? Please help” – A Victony extender user!

Are you also baffled by the same issue? If yes, then don’t worry. This is one of the most common issues faced by tens of millions of Victony extender users across the globe. Yes, that’s absolutely true! So, if you also find that your Victony extender is connected but gives no internet range to access, then you can stick to this post. Over here, we have penned down a number of reasons causing the issue along with the solutions to get it fixed. Scroll down a little!
Note: Victony WiFi extender will be the last option to consider. When nothing worked, then resetting is suggested.

Victony Extender Connected but Giving No Internet

The Reasons

Some of the major reasons causing the issue are listed below. Kindly have a quick look at them:

Technical glitches
Bad location of the extender
Your Victony device is not connected to the router properly
Partial extender setup
Issues from the end of your ISP

Now, follow the fixes highlighted below and know how to get the issue resolved from the comfort of your home.

Victony Extender Connected but Giving no Internet

The Fixes

Fix 1: Restart Your Victony Extender

A minor technical glitch can also let you face the issue. For fixing this, you need to restart your WiFi range extender.
Given below are the guidelines to restart the extender:

Turn off the extender.
Disconnect your Victony device and router.
Wait for a short while.
Once you think you have given sufficient time to your extender reviving for its well-working, turn it back on and reconnect it to your router.

After restarting the extender, see if this fix works for you or not. If the issue is still troubling you, try the next hack provided below.

Fix 2: Check the Connection

On the off chance, you are still in no luck and still facing the issue with your WiFi range extender, then we suggest you check the connection between the Victony device and your router.
Perhaps, your devices are not connected in a proper way which is why you are facing the issue. So, consider making a finger-tight and stable connection between your devices using a well-working wire.
Now, you need to have access to the Victony extender login page to see if the:

Issue you are currently facing is fixes
And, your devices are connected in a proper way

Need More Help?

If you are going mad because of the same issue, chances are you have not located your WiFi range extender at its ideal location. For getting the issue fixed and to make the most out of your extender’s internet connection, we suggest you change its location right away.

Where to place the extender?

Ensure to place the extender in reach of your router and away from heat or congested areas. Moreover, we do not suggest our users to keep the extender inside their cabinet or under study table.
If you locate the extender centrally, you are surely going to make the most out of it.

Fix 3: Contact Your ISP

It seems like your internet service provider is the culprit and you are indulging yourself in time-consuming process of fixing the issue. Hence, check with your internet service provider and ensure that everything is fine from his end. Moreover, if your data package is expired, ask him to renew it and also out you on upgraded internet plan.

Fix 4: Reconfigure the Extender

Improper or partial Victony extender setup can also lead you experience the issue. In such a case, we suggest you reset your WiFi range extender back to factory default setting and again perform the Victony extender setup using proper steps of installation provided in the Victony WiFi extender manual.
But, if the issue is fixed already, there is no need to reset your WiFi range extender!


Once you are done setting up your WiFi range extender properly, we suggest you update its firmware to the latest version. Updating extender’s firmware ensures proper functioning of the device and to deliver enhanced internet-connectivity everywhere in your house.

We really hope that the fixes we have highlighted here help you fixing the issue you are facing with your Victony WiFi range extender.

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