Simple Tips to Fix Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Not Working Issue

In case your Wireless-N WiFi repeater is not working, then it might be because of a couple of reasons. Some of them include that you have not done WiFi repeater setup properly, your repeater is not getting an uninterrupted power supply from its wall socket, the cable connection between the networking devices is weak, there is existence of technical glitches, and the firmware of the repeater is running on its outdated version.
Regardless of what might be the reason behind the issue in debate, the tips given below will help you to resolve it with ease. Taking this into account, keep reading.

[Fixed] Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Not Working Issue

1. Restart the Wireless-N Repeater

The troubleshooting process can be started if you restart or reboot your Wireless-N WiFi repeater. Doing so will eliminate the first reason why you are experiencing the Wireless-N repeater not working issue, i.e. technical glitches.
Worry not. Restarting the device is not hard. However, in case you still need help to execute the process, then you can read the instructions mentioned in this section. Disconnect the repeater from its socket, wait for about two minutes, and then, reverse the first step.
Now, check if you can resolve the Wireless-N WiFi repeater not working issue. In case you can, then congratulations. By any chance, if you are still experiencing it, make your way to the following troubleshooting tip in line.

2. Check the Ethernet Connection

Is the Ethernet cable with which the Wireless-N repeater and the router joined damaged? In case, the answer is yes, you have two options in hand, either replace the cable with a new one or connect the devices with a wireless source.
In the first scenario, ensure that the new cable has no cuts on or in it and it should be tightly connected to the ports located on the devices. Apart from this, the ports should be damage-free. Otherwise, using a new cable will go to waste.
In the second scenario, ensure that the distance between the repeater and the router is neither too much nor less. This will make sure that signal transmission is able to happen seamlessly between the two and you can access the internet connection with ease.

3. Repair the Existing Wall Socket

Check the wall socket to which your WiFi repeater is currently plugged in. Is it damaged or short-circuited? In case the answer is not in your favor, you ought to call up an electrician in your home and ask him to repair the wall socket.
Although this will bear fruit for you, on the off chance, it does not; you should give using another wall socket to supply power to your device a shot. Ensure that the new wall socket is not in the same condition as the previous one.
Apart from this, the wall socket should be located in the same room where the router is placed. We are suggesting this tip to you for a reason only. You might not understand the importance of what we are saying right now but you surely will in the future.

4. Update the Repeater Firmware

Can you recall the last time you updated the firmware of your Wireless-N repeater? No? Well then, it is a sign that you ought to do the opposite now. Updating the firmware of your networking device will not just fix the issue at hand.
But, it will also enhance the overall performance of your repeater. Additionally, you will be equipped with the latest security features. In view of this, you should update the firmware of your device to its latest version.
To learn about how to go about the process, you can refer to the instructions given in the manual of your device which you received when you purchased it from the showroom or a nearby shop consisting of electronic devices.

5. Reset the Wireless-N Repeater

Considering you are reading this troubleshooting tip, it can only mean one thing, i.e. the Wireless-N repeater not working issue is still after your life. In this case, it is recommended that you perform Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup from scratch.
However, before doing that, you need to reset your device to its default factory settings. By executing this process, every customized setting will go back to its original mode, exactly the same as when it was the first time you purchased it.
To reset your device, you have to locate and press the reset button on it. The same should be done with the help of an oil pin. Wait for approximately thirty seconds. Once your device resets, give it enough time to restart.


Here ends the article written on how to resolve the Wireless-N WiFi repeater not working issue. We hope that now you can take full advantage of your networking device. While learning how to troubleshoot the issue at hand, if you come across any other hack through which the same be troubleshot, then waste no more time in sharing it with your fellow readers by using the comment section.
Also, if you have anything else regarding this article to share with your fellow readers, then know that the same platform can be put to use.

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