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Six Proven Ways to Keep Your Team Engaged at Work

Employee engagement is the most critical asset of any business. An engaged employee benefits the company by providing hard work, commitment, honesty, and positivity at the workplace. Employees tend to become directionless and demotivated when they are not engaged enough.

This, in turn, affects organizational performance. Listed below are the some of the top-notch ways to keep your team engaged at work:

  • Encourage Employee Personal Development

Professional development is essential, but personal development reaps many benefits in the long run. Managers need to understand their employees on a personal level, such as their interests, hobbies, and passion.

This allows the managers to devise training programs according to the employees’ requirements. Also, it helps managers to know if employees can take up additional tasks suited to their needs or take another position that suits their interests the most.

  • Encourage Teamwork and Collaboration

When employees feel that their opinions and values matter, they are more likely to open up and share new and innovative ideas that will benefit the company in the future. Leaders like Clinton Orr encourage teamwork and collaboration.

Try to create an interactive work style where the employees reach out to each other to brainstorm unique ideas and work together to provide a solution. This not only increases team harmony but also helps your company to overcome risks and challenges.

  • Offer Relevant Tools and Resources

To make your team gain expertise on a particular project, you must equip them with all the necessary tools, resources, and software they need to accomplish their tasks.

Providing new tools improves employee skill sets and enables them to teach fellow employees and collectively create a more experienced and creative team.

  • Encourage Creativity

Following the typical mundane routine becomes repetitive and boring. Employees feel disengaged when they have to perform the tasks repetitively. You must allow creativity and give your employees the freedom to explore solutions on their own.

This helps employees to think out of the box and provide innovative solutions. Leaders like Clinton Orr allow their employees to utilize creativity when solving problems. When employees feel challenged at work, they are more likely to put in the effort and feel engaged at work.

  • Schedule One-on-One Meetings

To ensure employee engagement, it is vital to understand them personally. Try to incorporate regular one-on-one meetings to learn more about your employees, such as their interests, priorities, responsibilities, and work challenges.

This allows the managers to recognize any hurdles the employee might face and offer them resources and support accordingly.

  • Set Realistic Goals

Employees become directionless when they are unsure of the work they are doing. Aligning your employees’ work with the company’s vision and goals leads to productivity and engagement.

When employees know that their work directly impacts organizational performance, they are more likely to invest time and effort.


Following these team engagement techniques will help you gain a productive, positive, and better team. You must engage your team by providing them with tools, resources, and regular support to keep them motivated at work.

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