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Wavlink WiFi Range Extender Not Working-Solved

Wavlink signal repeaters are very famous networking devices that help your router WiFi signals to reach in WiFi dead corners. You just have to connect it with your WiFi router, and adjust settings, complete the Wavlink WiFi extender setup, then use internet without any interruption.

But here we will only discuss a particular problem that is why your wavlink extender not working. After sharing the reasons of the issue, we will provide solutions to the fix the problem right away. So, why you are waiting, let’s read how to solve the ‘Wavlink device not working’ problem.

Reasons Why Wavlink WiFi Extender Not Working?

There can be several reasons why you are facing this Wavlink device is not working. We have made a list of causing factors of the mentioned problem down here.

  1. Using damaged cables that you are using to connect the router with the extender can cause this above mentioned problem.
  2. Wrong modem to router and router to range extender link also be a reason why you are facing this problem.

So, these how you can solve the mentioned problem with simple troubleshooting tips, which are given below.

How to Solve ‘Wavlink Extender Not Working’ Issue?

In this section, you will find simple troubleshooting tips that you should apply to dispel the problem.

Inspect Cables And Wall Socket

As we mentioned above that damaged cables can cause the problem, so to dispel this issue you should follow simple tips written below.

  1. Check the Ethernet cable that is connected to the Ethernet port of the device.
  2. If you find, it damaged then just replace it right away.
  3. Also ensure the wall socket that you are using to supply power to the extender.
  4. If it is damaged as well then fix it by calling an electrician.

Check Modem to Router Link

Wrongly connected router to modem link with the network cable can be a reason why you are troubled with this problem.

  1. Ensure that the cable is connected to the router’s WAN port and modem’s LAN port.
  2. If not, then pull out the cable and insert it into right ports.

Ensure Router to Extender Link

Also, router to extender link is important as modem to router connection. You should check it and ensure that the cable is inserted correctly into the extender’s internet port and router’s LAN port.

Clean Your WiFi Extender

Dust can be other reason why your extender is not working. So, clean it with cotton cloth. To clean the ports as well, use compressed air.

Reboot Wavlink Device System

Rebooting the Wavlink WiFi extender will refresh the network and hardware system of the device. So, to restart the device, just unplug the WiFi repeater from the wall socket and plug it again to reboot the device.

We want to share one more method that you can use to reboot the system by pressing the power button twice. With the first press the device will go off and next press will reboot the extender.

Reset Wavlink Range Extender

If all the above mentioned tips don’t work then reset your Wavlink device. You must reset the device with simple steps written below.

  1. Locate reset button on the extender.
  2. Long press the reset button and the process starts.

So, these are some impactful troubleshooting tips to dispel Wavlink WiFi extender not working problem.

Words of End

We have reached at the end of this interesting article in which you have learned how to troubleshoot extender not working issue. Hoping you have read the full article and solved the ‘Wavlink not working’ problem. Assuming that you are enjoying the fastest internet network speed in your home after solving the problem.

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