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Green tea is an effective health drink. Drinking green tea can lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol, prevent colds, tooth decay, cataracts, fatty liver, scurvy, cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis, and food poisoning, and can enhance immunity. Bathing with green tea can prevent and assist skin diseases and make the skin whiter; washing the face with green tea can make freckles and age spots lighter; the following is to take a look at the effects of green tea and how to make the best green tea!

1. The efficacy and role of green tea

a. Beauty and skin care, anti-aging

Antioxidants contained in green tea help to resist aging. SOD (superoxide dismutation) is a free radical scavenger that can effectively remove excess free radicals and stop free radicals from damaging the body.

b. Body shaping and fat reduction

Green tea contains theophylline and caffeine, which can activate protein kinase and triglyceride lipase through many effects, reducing the accumulation of fat cells and therefore achieving weight loss effect. That is, the caffeine in tea can improve the secretion of gastric juice, which can help digestion and enhance the ability to break down fat.

c. Refreshing

Caffeine in tea can prompt the human central nervous excitation, enhance the excitation process of the cerebral cortex, have a refreshing and beneficial effect, and clear the mind. So it is recommended that you can also drink green tea refreshment during the day when you are tired.

d. Diuretic relief

Caffeine in tea can stimulate the kidneys, prompting the rapid discharge of urine out of the body, improving the filtration rate of the kidneys, and reducing the retention time of harmful substances in the kidneys. Caffeine can also eliminate excess lactic acid in the urine, which helps to make the body eliminate fatigue as soon as possible.

e. Radiation protection

With the development of science, the intensity of electronic radiation is constantly increasing. Radio, television, movies, computers, especially the rapid growth of cell phones in recent years, due to the use of the location of the relationship with the human body, the radiation damage to human health is even more worrying. Anti-radiation is another unique function of tea. The lipopolysaccharide extracted from tea can significantly improve the non-specific immune function of human beings, modify the hematopoietic part and increase the number of white blood cells in the blood, giving the body a significant anti-radiation effect.

How to make the best green tea

Is brewing green tea as simple as putting tea leaves into a teapot and pouring water? The answer is not to brew a good cup of green tea but to pay attention to the brewing water temperature and the way to pour tea. The following three methods, concluded by researchers from SaintNoon will show you how to make a cup of green tea properly.

  1. Top pitching method

Method: First, fill the cup with water for 7 minutes, then cast the tea and shake it gently.

Suitable for: the upper pitching method is ideal for tea with heavy solid body bones, more buds and hairs, and high holding tenderness.

Water temperature: this kind of tea is fresh and tender, so it is appropriate to use 75-85℃ water temperature for brewing.

  1. Medium pitching method

Method: First, fill the cup with water for 3 minutes; cast the tea, shake gently, wait for the tea to infuse and open, then fill the cup with water along the wall to 7 minutes full.

Suitable for: The medium pitching method is ideal for green tea with moderate tenderness, one bud, one leaf, one bud, and two leaves, or green tea with flat, tight-knotted shapes.

Water temperature: this kind of green tea about using 85-90 ℃ water temperature brewing, which is a two-sectional brewing tea method, to a certain extent to solve the high temperature of tea brewing water brought about by the disadvantages.

  1. Down-throw method

Method: Put the tea leaves into the cup first, then fill the water along the wall of the cup to 7 minutes full, shake gently, and wait for the tea leaves to stretch.

Suitable for: The down-throwing method is ideal for green tea with a soft tenderness.

Water temperature: The water temperature of the down-throw method is about 90-95℃, so the brewing method can make the tea taste fuller.

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