How To Shoot A Product Video At Home

Big or small, any business can reach new heights with authentic and efficient video marketing. 13% of marketers still think they do not require video as a part of their marketing strategy. If you are also part of this group, let us burst that bubble. 

As per Optinmonster, 80% of video marketers have said that videos have helped increase their sales. They have also claimed to get better ROI using videos. These numbers speak for themselves. 

When it comes to video marketing, product videos are one of the most important and fun to make. If you are reading this article, you have come to the right place to learn about product videos and how you can make one using an online video editor.

So, let’s get started, shall we? 

What is a product video?

A product video is categorized as an explainer video that explains to your audience what your product does. It is not limited to giving out product specifications because that would be one boring video to watch. 

A product video should inform, engage, entertain and intrigue your potential customers. The ultimate goal of a product video is to prompt the audience to take action. 

Why are product videos important for your business?

Customers want a 360-degree view of any product before they can lay their hands on it. Product videos can showcase that multiple times better than high-resolution photos or detailed text specifications. 

Let’s take a look at a few pointers as to why product videos are crucial for brand growth: 

  • Showcases authenticity of your brand 
  • Gives a better understanding of the product to your customers
  • Allows customers to visualize the product in their daily lives 
  • Gets maximum engagement on social media platforms 

How to shoot a product video at home?

Shooting a product video is cheaper than ever. With an online video editor, you can create one with just a few clicks. In this section, we will look at a step-by-step approach to making stunning product videos at home. 

  • Set your goals

Before you start planning your video content, you have to define what you want to achieve. Is it getting visibility, building your customer base, or boosting loyalty? Once you have the final goal in mind, you can proceed further. 

With a few tweaks, you can introduce product videos at different stages of the marketing funnel. Here’s how: 

  • Awareness stage: Highlight the features of a product in targeted advertisements. 
  • Consideration stage: Emphasize the pain points of your customer and tell them how your product can solve their problem. 
  • Conversion stage: Tell your audience how your product is better than your competition’s and depict the value proposition. 
  • Take inspiration:

Do you remember any advertisement that stood out to you? Perhaps the ad for the latest iPhone or PS5? Think about the elements that made it special. It can be the messaging, captivating graphics, cinematography, or simply the opening statement. Take notes and merge them with your creative juices to create an awesome video. 

All in all, you have to include the following in a product video:

  • Opening statement to hook your audience
  • Problem faced by customers
  • Solution offered by the product/service
  • Call to action 
  • Assemble equipments

You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to shoot a stunning video. You only need a smartphone with a good camera. Another important thing is lighting. Although natural light is the best, it can be a bit unreliable. Stick to a ring light or a softbox light, and you are good to go! 

Here’s a checklist for all equipment that you will need to shoot a product video at home:

  • Reflector 
  • Smartphone/camera 
  • External monitor 
  • Tripod 
  • External Mic 
  • Soft box 
  • Declutter the background

An aesthetically pleasing product video demands a neat background. Remove any clutter in the back and replace it with a plain background to make your product pop on screen. 

When you are shooting a product video at home, you can simply use rolls of paper for the background instead of a long piece of fabric. Papers give you more structure and do not have many creases and blemishes. Hence, you can get a clean background for shooting a product video. 

  • Storyboard

Storyboarding your video is a way to save time during filming. Think of it as a comic book and plan your video shot by shot. It will allow you to visualize how the video will unfold, and you can wrap up your shoot with minimum retakes. 

Take a look at these steps to storyboard your product video: 

  • Identify the key shots 
  • Draw thumbnails for each scene in order
  • Add a description and audio for each scene (dialogues/voice-overs)
  • Add cuts 
  • Write down any additional notes for each scene 
  • Edit, Edit, Edit!

A video comes to life on the editing table. Trim all the excess footage and create a compact video. Try to keep it within 4 minutes. If it keeps getting longer, more people will skip it. You can opt for a super intuitive online video editor for editing purposes. You can make a professional-looking video in a matter of minutes. 

  • Final touches

Once you have edited your video, put in the final touches to enhance your video overall. Add closed captions, transcripts, voice-over, music, and colour grading. Finally, the most vital part: add the call to action. CTA is the only thing you need to worry about, even if you leave out the rest. 

A few tips for post-production: 

  • Make sure you have added royalty-free music, or you have a licensed agreement to use other audio files
  • Add closed captions for different languages to attract audience from different backgrounds
  • Narration is engaging and not ‘pushy’
  • Discard any fluff
  • Ensure transitions and effects are not too distracting 

Final Thoughts 

Product videos do not have to be boring. Once you let your ideas flow, you can incorporate loads of enticing elements. Keep it short, professional-looking with loud and clear messaging. 

If you are feeling inspired, get started today. You will encounter some hassles in the beginning, but the learning curve will only go up from here. 

If you have made it this far, you know the fundamentals of making high-quality product videos. Get your gear, unleash your creativity, and remember our tips to make the next viral video. 

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