Ornamental Productive Flowers To Gift Your Hubby On His Birthday

Flowers are no wonder gorgeous. This is a list of our top 10 most beautiful flowers that are found all over the world.

Orchis Italica

The European orchid can be found growing in Italy, France, and Spain.

It was once used as an ingredient to cure melancholia, also known as depression or sadness.It is also commonly called ‘Ladies Tresses’ or ‘Madonna’s Tears.’

Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise got its name from the way it moves around to attract its pollinators. It is said that even with high wind speeds, the flower stands firmly in place due to the strong stem holding it up.

They bloom beautifully, with bright orange colouring and light green leaves surrounding them. Freshen your hubby’s mood after a tiresome day by surprising him with a bouquet of Bird Of Paradise. The bird of paradise was also used as a symbol for South Africa’s flag before 1994. 


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This flower can be found in Africa, Asia, and South America. Some begonias even have variegated colouring with two or more colours swirled together to make another unique colour! These colours range from orange to dark red.


 This particular flower is known as the “Queen of Flowers” because it is beautiful and has many different healing properties. It was also used by ancient Greeks who believed these flowers were symbols of purity and love. 


This flower can be found in North and South America. There are many different species of sunflowers, but all of them have one thing in common: their gorgeous appearance! Are you a lover of sunflowers? Order flowers online today and get a bunch of sunflowers in it with fragrance. They tend to grow very tall with a sturdy stem that holds them up. 

Sunflowers tend to be yellow or orange with black streaks going through their petals which gives them a rather unique look. However, there is also a rare type of sunflower called the Helianthus Black Velvet, which has dark burgundy colouring throughout its entire body! Despite this unusual colour, it remains as beautiful as the other types of sunflowers. It is said that if you plant two or more sunflowers next to each other, they will help to make the plants around them more robust.


There are about 30,000 species of orchids around the globe. This fantastic flower is known as the “queen of flowers” because it has so many different types and colours that it’s just stunning to look at! Although they come in various colours such as blue, purple, pink , and yellow, the tone type takes the cake for being absolutely gorgeous: Phalaenopsis Orchids. 

You probably guessed it from its name, but this orchid actually looks like a beautiful moth with the stunning colouring of gray and white tinged with green. It also has two large leaves on either side underneath its petals which makes this beautiful flower even more captivating! 


You can find rose all over the world, depending on which species you are looking at. The leaves surrounding this flower vary depending on its type, but most have dark green leaves that curl toward its petals to create an even more pleasing look. 

Roses come in many colours, including white, pink, yellow, and red. If you take a close-up view of this gorgeous plant, you will notice that it consists of tiny bumps on top of each other, which explains why they sometimes appear bumpy when looked at closely.

Flowers are beautiful and make great gifts.You can gift these beautiful flowers to your loved ones.


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