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Top Easy Tips to Fix Wavlink Extender SSID Not Showing Issue

In case you want to set up a Wavlink wireless range extender, then accessing its network name or SSID is supremely important. However, if the SSID of the networking device is not appearing on your network list, regardless of how much you bang your head against the wall, you will not be able to set it up. But, fret not. You will be able to fix the issue at hand if you go through the hacks given below and will be able to complete Wavlink setup.

[Fixed] Wavlink Extender SSID Not Showing Issue

1. Restart the Wavlink Extender

The troubleshooting process can be started by restarting your Wavlink wireless range extender. Restarting your networking device will help you to get rid of the technical glitches, i.e. the first reason behind the issue at hand. In order to learn how to restart or reboot your networking device, you need to follow the steps in the following paragraph.
Power off your extender and disconnect it from the wall socket that it is connected to. Thereafter, count from one to ten. In simple words, wait for some time. Right after that, plug your extender back into its wall socket and press the power button. Now, see if you are able to fix the issue that you are experiencing or not.

2. Check the Internet Connection

Another reason why the Wavlink extender network name not showing issue is snatching the living daylights out of you is because the connection between the extender and the host router is weak. This can be because the cable which is connecting them is damaged or it is loosely holding the connection between them.
To troubleshoot the issue at hand, it is recommended that you do something about the cable connecting the networking devices, preferably connecting them via a new cable. For this, you not just have to step out of your house but also your comfort zone. After following this hack, if you are still facing the same issue, follow the next troubleshooting hack.

3. Pull the WiFi Devices Closer

How far is your Wavlink wireless range extender placed from the host router? Is it too far? Well, in that case, you need to reduce the distance between them. The reason being, a lot of distance can prevent the signals emitted from them thereby causing issues like the Wavlink extender network name not appearing on the network list.
Taking this into consideration, you need to do as suggested. However, at the same time, make sure that you are not keeping the networking devices too closer. Otherwise, their signals will clash and you will come face to face with more technical issues in the future. We are guessing that you are not in the mood for that.

4. Install the Antivirus Software

If you are still facing the Wavlink extender network name not appearing on the network list issue, then it might be because the system that you are using, i.e. a computer or a laptop is infected with viruses or other malicious software. This might have happened when you connected your system with an external device that consisted of viruses.
To eliminate this as the reason behind the Wavlink extender network name not appearing on the network list issue, it is recommended that you install the antivirus software on your system. Once done, see if you are able to access the network name of your wireless range extender and perform Wavlink extender setup via wifi wavlink com.

The Bottom Line

These were the troubleshooting tips following which the Wavlink extender network name not appearing on the network list issue can be resolved. Let us hope that at least one of the hacks given above helped you to resolve the issue at hand. If what we are hoping for comes true, then waste no more time sharing your feedback regarding this article with your fellow readers by making use of the comment section.
In case you are thinking about how to make use of the comment section, then, you just have to enter what you want to say in it and press the Enter key located on your keyboard. Your comment will become visible. Trust us; your fellow readers will appreciate this little effort made by you. If you do not believe us, drop a comment and see for yourself.

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