5 Victony WiFi Extender Security Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you on cloud nine because you’ve installed a Victony range extender to amplify the signals of your main gateway? Well, you should be. After all, once you are done installing the Victony wireless extender, it facilitates you with top-notch WiFi coverage throughout the length and breadth of the house. But, is it all about accessing a lightning-fast internet connection only? Of course not! After the setup process of the extender, it is your duty to shield its network from external threats. Given in this post are the 5 Victony WiFi extender security tips that will help you protect the extender’s network from intruders [unauthorized users]. So, get down to reading this instant.

How to Improve Victony WiFi Extender Security?

Tip 1: Change the Default WiFi Password

More than 90 percent of wireless networks are hacked because their owners do not create a shield of a customized WiFi password. This is to inform you that numerous networking devices are manufactured by Victony and they all have the same WiFi password. In light of this statement, it won’t be difficult for a hacker to guess the password of your extender. Nevertheless, they are looking for the most vulnerable WiFi network to manipulate.

Therefore, we advise you to assign a new yet strong wireless network password to your extender. Make sure that it is a combination of alphabets and digits. If possible, try to add special characters. You can do so by accessing the wireless network settings of the extender.

Tip 2: Use Maximum Wired Connections

Wired connections are more reliable not only in terms of efficiency but also in the terms of security. The reason is, the information transferred through a wireless network can be easily stolen and deciphered. On the other hand, if you are using a wired connection, data will get transferred to the targeted device only.

However, the cables in the use must not be damaged. Otherwise, you will get lower outputs from the range extender. Moreover, be very sure that the wired connection created by you is finger-tight.

Tip 3: Upgrade the Extender

You might not know but upgrading the firmware also helps in improving the Victony WiFi extender security. Keep in mind that every firmware update arrives with security patches in addition to bug-fixing features. Therefore, you must never skip upgrading the firmware of your range extender.

The firmware of your extender can be updated by accessing the ap.setup Victony URL. In case you are unaware of the instructions to upgrade your extender, refer to the user guide. From how to set up Victony WiFi extender to the steps to install the firmware, you’ll find every detail there. But, do not make the mistake of uploading the incorrect firmware file on your device. Otherwise, you will end up degrading the security and efficiency of your extender instead of improving it.

Tip 4: Assign a Strong Admin Password

We talked about changing the network key i.e. the WiFi password of your router. But, your extender’s settings can also be manipulated if your extender is still running on the default admin password. All a hacker has to do is, access the IP address of your extender and enter the default password on the login page.

To prevent this, consider assigning a strong admin password to your wireless range extender. The rules for the admin password are as same as the WiFi network password. You are also free to change the admin user name of the extender to improve further security.

Tip 5: Take Care of the Extender’s Placement

Wondering what the placement of your range extender has to do with the Victony WiFi extender security? Well, a range extender amplifies the signals emitted by the host gateway and transmits them in all dimensions. It means the extender emits signals in all dimensions. With that said, if your wireless extender is placed in a corner or near a wall, there is a possibility that its WiFi signals approach outside the house making its network visible.

Therefore, if you don’t want your extender’s network getting accessed by unauthorized users, consider placing the device in the central room of your house. Doing so will keep the WiFi signals within your house. If your extender allows, then hide its SSID. This action will make your extender’s WiFi network name invisible from every WiFi assistant list present within its range.

To Sum Up

That’s all about Victony WiFi extender security. We hope that you have now learned that from the extender’s WiFi password to its placement, a lot of things affect its security and you will take care of them in the future. You can also change the wireless security level of your range extender if you are still concerned about its security.

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