Dlink Range Expander

Dlink Range Expander: Setup Procedure

Range extenders are also called range expanders. As you now that, range extenders are used to boost and expand the WiFi signals, which it receives from the router. The working process of the range extender is so simple, you just have to connect to your WiFi router and configure the settings of it, and then you will receive fast and extended internet. Here, in this full of information article, we will discuss how you can adjust and setup your Dlink range expander in your home. The installation process has only two simple parts; one is connecting the extender to the router and second is configuring settings of this network device.

How to Install Dlink Range Extender?

Let’s see how you can connect the repeater hardware connection with the router and configure the settings and networks of the Dlink range extender.

  • Link Hardware Connections

Just follow some of the simple steps to connect your range extender to your WiFi router and turn its network on.

  1. You have to place your extender near to the router. Connect the network cable to the WAN port of the repeater and LAN port of the router.
  2. You must make sure that there is no electronic device near to the extender.
  3. Then, you should insert your plug-in network device to a nearest electric wall socket.
  4. Turn it on by pressing the power button (given on the front of the device).

Now, after starting the extender’s network in your home, you have to access the web interface of the Dlink signal repeater. To log in to the interface, you have to apply these below written steps.

  • Configure Settings and Networks

Accessing the repeater’s interface is an easy as well as important process. It helps you to manage settings, networks, updating the firmware and enable some of the amazing features. Now, let’s reach the login page of the interface with some simple steps.

  1. You have to link your computer or laptop to the extender via an Ethernet cable.
  2. To access, it is important that you use wired connection like laptop or computer.
  3. Then, you must open any updated web browser and search the login IP address that is assigned to the range extender.
  4. You can find the IP address on the label of the network device. Under the IP address you will see admin username and password that help you to access the interface as well.
  5. This IP address will take you to the login interface page. Now, just enter the username and password and click on NEXT button.
  6. Screen will take you in the interface of the Dlink extender.

Now, just adjust the settings and networks of the Dlink range expander by your choice. You should also change the interface password for security reasons.
If IP address is not working, then you can also use dlinkap/local or URL dlinkap.local to enter interface of the Dlink range extender. You have to follow the same login process steps that are above written if you are using this login URL.

Ending Lines

So now, we’ve reached at the end of this article in which you have learned how to setup the Dlink range extender. This installation process includes simple steps that are explained in two different sections. One is ‘link hardware connections’ and other one is ‘configure settings and network’. These sections contain information about how you can connect your extender to your WiFi router, and how to manage the settings by accessing the interface. Hope, you have got success in setting up your new Dlink range extender from the information of this written article.

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