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How to Recover Wireless-N Repeater Admin Password?

The web interface of the Wireless-N range extender used for many things like adjusting the settings, updating and enable features. But, for accessing the interface of the signal repeater, you should have known the login credentials like username and password. Here, in this full of information article, we will explain you solution of ‘forgot Wireless N repeater password’ problem. Usually, the network device interface username is admin, but password can be changed and if you don’t know the password, then you can recover it. Just follow this article’s step by step solution.

How You Can Recover Forgotten Admin Password?

There can be two scenarios; one when you are logging in to the network device interface first time, and second when you have accessed the interface several times, but now you forgot the password.

Logging in First Time

Basically, the first time access to this interface happens, when user setting up Wireless-N repeater in his house. You don’t have to go anywhere, just follow simple steps to configure your extender.

1. Simply, turn on the extender by plugging it into a wall socket and pressing the power button.

2. Then connect a computer to the repeater via a LAN cable and start your desktop.

3. Search the Wireless-N WiFi repeater assigned IP address in to any web browser.

4. The IP address will take you to the login page of the interface, where you have to enter the user credentials like username and password.

5. You can find the details at the label and also in the user manual of the Wireless-N range extender.

6. Just type them in and hit the Enter key. You will reach to the interface of the extender.

Accessing But Forgot Password

In this section, we will discuss the second scenario that is what to do when you have accessed the interface several times, but this time forgot the password.

1. Turn on the Wireless-N WiFi signal repeater by pressing the power button on the front.

2. Link laptop or computer through the Ethernet cable and open up the web browser.

3. Now, locate the address bar and search the extender device assigned IP address.

4. Screen will take you to the extender’s interface login page.

5. Here, you have to enter the username that is admin and password. If you don’t know the password, then click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button.

6. You will get to a new page to where you can add new password.

7. But, you have to answer simple questions that you have answered when you changed the password first time.

8. Add your new password.

Now, save the settings by clicking the SAVE button. After saving the settings, you have to login again and enter to the interface of the Wireless-N repeater.

For log in to the interface easily without any interruptions, you should ensure all system is working fine. You should check everything like:

1. Check the router is getting signals from the modem.

2. Be sure there is no damaged cable in use.

3. Make sure you are using up-to-dated web browser to login.

4. Disable Ad-blocker and Antivirus when you are logging in.

Ending Words

At the end of this informative article, where you have learned how to access your Wireless-N WiFi signal repeater first time at the time of installation, like Aigital WiFi repeater setup. We have also shared how to log in to the WiFi extender, if you forgot the admin password of the interface. We have given some tips to login securely in to the Wireless-N extender interface. Hope, you have read the entire article and successfully recovered your password and logged in to the WiFi signal repeater interface.

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