Netgear Extender Not Working

Netgear Extender Not Working? Let’s Fix it!

The Netgear extender is the best and most amazing device to get fast-blazing speed throughout the house. With the help of this device, you can access extender network with multiple devices at the same time. It comes with hundreds of incredible features that enhance the internet experience of the users. Despite being an awesome networking device it also creates issues. According to a study, it saw nowadays Netgear extenders not working due to some possible reasons and we know that when networking devices do not work properly it irritates the most. If your extender also not working properly and want to fix it without performing the Netgear WiFi extender reset process, then you have come to the right place.

Here, we are going to tell you about the steps that will help you to get rid of the extender not working issue in less time. We recommend you don’t skip the reading. Otherwise, you are not able to get the extender in working condition back.

First, we would like to tell you about the reasons why your Netgear extender is not working. By knowing the contributing factors, you will able to fix the issue from its roots.

Reasons: Netgear Extender Not Working

To your knowledge, many possible reasons drag you to face this issue. Below we highlighted all the reasons. So, walk through them:

Hardware Problem

There is a possibility that the hardware of the Netgear extender is damaged somewhere mistakenly and that broken part creates the issue. Maybe the antennas of the extender are damaged.

Usage of Short Circuit Socket

If you plug the extender into the power socket, then there is a chance that your power source is damaged and not supplies the proper power supply to the extender.

Poor Internet Connection

Maybe your device gets a non-stable internet connection from the internet service provider. Because sometimes ISP does the maintenance on the network area without informing the users.

WiFi Interference

If you place your device between home appliances like smart TV, speaker, microwaves, and washing machines, then you make a big mistake because these devices have electromagnetic waves that occurs WiFi interference.

Excessive Distance

The placement of the extender plays an important role. If you place your extender away from the host router, then it’s obvious the extender is not working properly.

Now, take these possibilities in mind and follow the troubleshooting tips mentioned below to fix this issue in less time.

Fix: Netgear Extender Not Working

Reboot the Device

The very first thing you need to do is reboot the device because sometimes networking devices become the victim of technical glitches because of over-usage. By performing the reboot process you will easily remove the technical glitches from the device.

To reboot the device you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Initially, cut the power supply from the power supply.
  • Remove the power cable of the extender from the wall outlet.
  • Wait for some time until the device is recovered.
  • Plug the extender back into the power socket.
  • Turn on the device.

Your device is successfully rebooted. Now, access the Netgear_ext SSID of the extender to ensure the issue is resolved or not. If not, then move to the next hack.

Remove the Distance

Now, you need to check the distance between the devices. If you see more than half the distance between the router and the extender, then you need to remove it and place the extender near the router so that they communicate with each other properly.

Check the Power Supply

If you are still in the same situation, then you need to check the power source in which you plug the extender for the power supply. If you see any fault or damage to the socket, then try to change it or repair it as soon as possible.

Cross Check the Ethernet Cable

If you make the connection between the extender and router with an Ethernet cable then you need to check it. Because sometimes Ethernet cable is damaged mistakenly and leading extender not working issue.

Hence, these are the troubleshooting tips that you need to perform to tackle the extender not working issue.

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